Teachers CRAWL for MONEY on TV

Teachers CRAWL for MONEY on a TV show that started out with good intentions but ended up being the complete opposite.

Teachers CRAWL for MONEY on TV

The scene was described as degrading and dystopian. The teachers had 5 min to collect the largest proportion of US $ 1 bills that they would use to finance educational material for their classes.

In it, a dozen school teachers from South Dakota, in USA. They compete to collect the largest portion of US $ 1 bills, out of a total of US $ 5,000, that were scattered in the middle of an ice hockey field.

Horrible, dehumanizing, dystopian. Critics have crushed the idea with harsh adjectives and compared it to the violent South Korean television series The Squid Game. Where the characters risk their lives for a handful of money. Twitter continues to burn. The dispute grows. More than anything once figures have begun to be known and South Dakota teachers are some of the worst paid in the entire USA, they are only surpassed by those in Mississippi. Teachers crawl for MONEY.

Interviewed by the newspaper The Washington Post, Senator Reynold Nesiba declared that, despite the fact that the competition had been born of a good intention. What happened had been destroyed by giving to know a "lousy image.". “Teachers should never have to go through something similar to get the essential material for their students, whether in Sioux Falls or anywhere else in the USA ”.

An extremely-UNDEFUL situation

According to the National Teaching Association ( NEA ), South Dakota teachers won in the year fiscal 2019 - 2020 a salary of around $ 49,000. In terms of the money spent on each student, the state ranks 38th, spending about $ 11,000 per student. The median salary in the US is at $ 64,000 and the median portion dedicated to pupils is well over $ 13,500.

Once the 5 min of time was up, Barry Longden, a high school teacher, had achieved the ratio of $ 616, which he intended to invest in a sports program for the students. The next major portion was Alexandria Kuyper, an 11-year-old teacher who wanted the money to decorate her classroom. The smallest portion captured has been 380 dollars. Other educators talked about getting tech kits or student supplies like tables and chairs.

In the video clip that went viral, teachers are seen with helmets on their heads, crawling as they get into their clothes, which they can pick up with their hands, to which took 5 min.

The contest was part of a productive event held last Saturday called " Dash for Cash ", which in Spanish translates as "race for cash", for which its organizers have had to apologize in the face of the wave of outrage and protest that it produced. Educators, who tend to receive low wages from the US, mentioned that the money would be spent on student supplies.


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