TEACHER cared for a STUDENT'S BABY. A touching image went viral on social networks after Ludmila Disante, an 18-year-old mother of a 3-month-old baby girl. Shared a photo of an instructor who held her daughter in the middle of class so that she could continue with the course. "He lifted her up and sang her to sleep," the student revealed.


"I thank this teacher for having my baby while I was studying! Reality a total genius, every single school should have teachers like this. So that each of the girls who are moms and yearn to complete their studies achieve, the reality that I have no words to thank him, "said the teenager from his Facebook account.

And, touched, she added: "Besides that I take care of her while I was paying attention to the class, the baby was able to sleep, I applaud you teach, the reality a genius! Here's to more teachers like this, so that every one of these moms will be able to finish school."

Thanks to the publication made by the girl, the gesture of Political Economy teacher, Federico Tenreyro went viral, many were touched by the story. According to reports, in addition to being an educator at Brandsen's Middle School No. 1, the human being who took care of the baby in the middle of class is also a volunteer firefighter.

The STORY behind the TEACHER cared-for-a-student's-baby

As Florencia described, after having her 3-month-old daughter, she made the decision to resume her studies. But in doing so she found herself faced with the complexity of having to study on Saturdays. A day on which she does not often have someone to help her with the care of her daughter.

"As I recently resumed my studies, I have failed subjects and I was summoned on Saturdays to recover several. To which I mentioned that I do not always have someone to take care of my daughter on weekends," described the teenager to Detrás de la noticia.

"He told me there was no problem, he could take care of her, that he had experience because he is the father of 5 children. So on Saturday, October 30, I showed up at his class and for that hour he took care of her, sang to her, walked her around a bit until she rested, and he held her in his arms until I finished doing the work. The reality is that I feel very happy," concluded the teenager, who days later decided to highlight the instructor's gesture on social networks.


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