The TEACHER who teaches on ADULTS PAGE'S

The TEACHER who teaches on ADULTS PAGE'S is trending all over the world even though his language is not one of the most widely spoken by all countries. This is a teacher who uploads math videos on those pages you don't go to for information.

The TEACHER who teaches on ADULTS PAGE'S

Changsu confirms that it uploads clips to the adult content page so that they get watched by many more people than on any common platform.

"Since few people teach math on adult platforms, and since there are so many people who video on them, I thought if I uploaded my videos there, a lot of people would watch them," the instructor said. A very peculiar way of looking at an opportunity.

The account on the adult site Pornhub goes by the name changhsumath666. It has well over 5 thousand followers and its video clips exceed one and a half million views. A TRUE CRAZY thing The TEACHER who teaches on PAGES for ADULTS

The teacher is not the first to use this type of platform to achieve the reach he or she desires. There are many more as well, especially gamers, the only thing is that on his part it is for a different reason, he wants to help anyone despite the language.


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