Teacher EXPLODES at the moment of telling her MISS

Teacher EXPLODES at the moment of telling her MISS. A video of an online class has gone viral for the teacher's terrible reaction to a comment that should not have taken any different course.

Teacher EXPLODES at the moment of telling her MISS

A professor of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México has become viral on the Internet. After it was published a video clip in which she shows her indignation and discontent at being called 'miss' by one of her students. She reproached him for referring to her in this way, considering it disrespectful. Because it minimizes the females with academic degrees.

As seen in images transiting on social networks. The instructor calls one of her students to check on her virtual session help, and he responds, Teacher, EXPLODES at the moment of telling her MISS "Here I am 'miss'." Despite quickly giving her an apology and calling her "instructor," the instructor has been unable to hide her annoyance.

"I am not the lady at Vips [a successful restaurant chain] and I am not the lady who is in charge of anything [...] I find it disrespectful [...] Only we females do not possess the right to have [academic] degrees, we should be minimized to being a simple lady," responded the instructor sharply, who demanded the student refer to her as "doctor."


The lady's response has provoked diverse attitudes and divided opinions among Internet users. On the one hand, some think the professor "did the right thing" by seeking "the recognition she deserves." "One hundred percent with the instructor. Why is she demoted to miss and male teachers are called engineer, doctor or professor?" one of them mentioned.

Of contrary criticism, some people condemned the arguments and the tone in which they were made. Because, according to them, in addition to being "classist", they denigrate the work that the ladies perform in the restaurant. "It is funny that she says that women do not deserve to be minimized once she minimizes a person who works in Vips". It reads in one of the comments accompanying the images.


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