Teacher MOTIVATES students on EXAMS: That's the way!

Teacher MOTIVATES students on EXAMS, after each evaluation a Spanish teacher has come up with a way to improve the performance of his entire class.

Teacher MOTIVATES students on EXAMS

It should not be news that a teacher is able to motivate his students to the point of thrilling them. Yet it is. For it is not so common to see the affection with which this Toledo professional aspires his students to excel in order to achieve his ends. Professor MOTIVATES his students in EXAMS.

Such is the enthusiasm that Ángel Tercero puts on Ángel Tercero to excite them that even a student of his posted on social networks the comments he put on an exam: "Thank you and a thousand times thank you! For having the pleasure of being your teacher, for seeing your work, your reaction and your interest in the subject. You improve yourself day by day. you are admirable! never stop believing in yourself! you are worth a lot!", he wrote to her after grading her Chemistry exam with a 10.

Teacher MOTIVATES his students in EXAMS

But the comments don't stop there, as they are peppered throughout the evaluation test: "Good method and excellent explanations, it's been an honor working with you! You are going to be a fabulous doctor. Don't stop believing in it. Help others, keep learning and never forget to continue to be happy. You deserve the best of the best! Best of luck, doctor. Go for it." Or furthermore: "Speechless! I couldn't have explained it better."

The Professor MOTIVATES his students on EXAMS altruistically

With such encouragement, it's not complicated to get the best out of your students. At least that's what their teacher thinks: "I do it with everyone because I think it's a personalized way of telling them what they're progressing on, what they need to improve on, what they're doing well, what they're doing poorly... And instead of doing it in public.

Well, in public it can happen that if you mention something negative to them, then they'll get a little bit down on their morale. Even if you mention something positive, they might take it the wrong way because they think you are comparing them to any other comrade.

So, the most practical way from my point of view is to tell everyone in the exam," explains the 28-year-old professional, who has been mistaken for a student more than once. "I've been at this school for about 3 months, at the IES Azarquiel de Toledo, but I've been an instructor for 4 years and it keeps happening to me.

Frequently once I go to sign the contract they mention to me: 'Here you only have the possibility to enter teachers'. And I have to justify that I am one of them. I'm already 28 years old, but physically I look 22, 21 or even 18. I can camouflage myself," he jokes.


Also, he is aware of the pressure they are subjected to in the second year of Baccalaureate: "They are asked to get so many grades to enter careers such as Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing... that any misstep they have or any grade they drop a little bit can prevent them from learning what they love. So, of course, they live with that constant pressure of having to get very high grades. And if they have confidence and stay motivated, they have a chance of doing it, but if they slip a little bit, you see their grades drop as well.

They possess so much pressure that they require high notes." So he is not only a teacher but also an instructor or instructor: "You have to know how to motivate them, that they come with triumphs, with illusion because they have the possibility of occurring at any moment. The teacher MOTIVATES his students in EXAMS.

For whatever personal situation, family, whatever... In class we have to make sure that they are constantly encouraged and motivated. It is the basis of any educational system, that any student comes to class with triumphs to learn and with illusion. Because the moment they lose those hopes and those triumphs, they will usually fail.


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