Teachers CHEAT on Exams 👉 Knows their METHODS

Teachers CHEAT on Exams
More and more teachers help the students to pass their exam.

Online classes have always existed, but since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been used more and more. All schools and universities have chosen to implement this method as a substitute for face-to-face classes. Both teachers and students have had to adapt to those techniques. Soon students will have to take the end-of-year tests, and as a result, it can mean one thing: looking for teachers to cheats on exams.

By Ministry of Education's words: "The general approval of the students has been rejected." Most teachers agree with this statement because they mention that evaluations are important. Despite all the efforts made by teachers, universities, and schools all result in one thing: CHAOS. Due to the circumstances, several students are finding new ways to cheat. For example, students can find teachers who cheat on exams to assist them to pass their tests in exchange for money.

Martina March is a 6th-grade student who lives in Madrid and tells us that she could not take out her computer in class before the pandemic. Martina now has the possibility to utilize her computer whenever she wants due to the arrival of online classes. More than three tests with the camera on have been presented by her. The student also says: "It's difficult to copy because you have to stare at the computer camera and have the microphone on at all times, but It is not impossible." Her other friends have copied despite all the impediments. To avoid these problems, teachers are introducing the possibility of connecting remotely to know at all times what the student is doing on his computer.

How much money can it cost to take a math test? Some teachers who cheat on exams charged different amounts to students, but the average is 90 euros. For this amount, students can hire a private teacher to take their exams. This way the student will guarantee to pass the exam.


Connecting remotely

In this fraud, you can find different teachers who can help the students. One of them is a Physics and Mathematics teacher. His method is as follows: You send 50% of the money before taking the exam through the teacher's online platform. After finishing the exam, you need to send the rest of the money. This teacher is in charge of solving ESO and baccalaureate exams.

Besides, there are other more common methods. One of them is to send the exam through WhatsApp to be solved by the teacher and then send it. Others propose that students send their credentials so that the teacher can access the school platform and be able to take the exam. If they don't want to do that the professor can be connected remotely. "At least I receive nine calls a day from students for me to resolve them an exam. I have no risk in doing so, in any case, the fraud and illegality are being committed by the student." Mentions a teacher.

A ten is suspicious

Another physics teacher tells us: "I have students in Spain and other countries to which I do the exam." This person has several ads on the Internet where he offers his services. He also tells us that the demand for work is increasing, because more and more students are paying for this service. "It is better for them to get a fair pass than to get a 10 to avoid suspicion. I am not usurping anyone's identity because I am not presenting their exam with their ID card." The professor relates.

One of the students who committed this fraud is Francisco R, a sophomore in high school. "The best way to avoid being discovered is to leave a question unresolved. Online classes are not the same as face-to-face classes I feel like I don't learn much." Francisco also mentions that professors are cutting exam time so that the student does not have time to copy. "The teachers will ask us to activate the cameras and show our hands so they can see that we don't have a cell phone," Francisco says.

The universities

For Carlos Elias of Carlos III University, the best evaluation is a 15-page essay. Carlos will give students 1 month to complete it. The topic of the essay will be Storytelling in political discourse for the era of fake news. The work will be complex because each student will have to defend their essay with the help of their classes and biographies used. "It is difficult but necessary to implement online exams." In the words of Elías, a Chemistry and Journalism graduate specialized in Public Sphere, Science, and Technology.

New policies

The University of Alicante has established the following rules: in oral exams, the student must be recorded. In written exams, this is not allowed. The reason is that it could be considered an intrusion to privacy. "Students are excited to take the written exams, so they will have the possibility to commit fraud to copy". Explains a law professor. Before the pandemic, the University of Alicante already implemented this online method with cameras on, but some time later the term "intrusion to privacy" started to be used. From that moment on students started to post logos instead of showing themselves on camera during exams. "I am determined to help students to pass, but when it comes to fraud, it's a different matter. The law professor emphasizes.

Many professors do not agree with these rules because they can help students to commit fraud. In the humanities, most of the tests are written, as well as those in engineering. In any case, it is necessary to maintain a good level of education.

Oral exams are better

The CRUE (Conference of Rectors) stated in April that evaluations should be oral and only project delivery. Each university is different and autonomous. The Carlos III issued a statement warning students against committing fraud, as they could be sanctioned. "One way to avoid cheating is with oral exams. Even if it is complicated it can help to diminish this fraud. Sanctions are necessary and it is a way to make the students understand that we will not allow fraud. Juan Manuel Casanova, professor at the University of Murcia, says.

Source: El Periodico

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