Student and Real Estate Agent 🤓 HIS STORY➡️

Student and Real Estate Agent
Superstar student becomes a real estate agent

Akshay Ruparelia, the student and real estate agent who was in charge of selling properties on the internet while he's in high school. While his friends were playing sports this young man was building a business with his cell phone. Several investors became interested in him and started partnering with Akshay's company.

In 1 year, this 19-year-old man built a firm valued at more than $16 million. How did he come up with this idea? You're probably thinking. Akshay realized that the commissions charged by the agencies were very high, so he thought of the idea of a project to beat the firms in England to help people with a more affordable cost.

The young man tells us the following: "In my childhood, I met for the first time real estate agents and the high commissions they charged. At that time I said to myself that I could do better." Currently, Akshay is in charge of charging all his clients $130 for selling properties, if we compare it with the competitors' prices, which is $1000 we can notice a big difference.

The success of this person has grown so much to the point of occupying 18th place among the best real estate agencies in the UK. All that he achieved was in less than 2 years after creating his website.

Real estate agent growing

When Akshay set up his website he had no clients so he waited. Sometime later he received a message from a potential client. At that time Ruparelia did not have a vehicle to move so he contacted a friend to drive him to the client's house. As a result, he was able to sell the property in less than three weeks.

The entrepreneur also tells us that one day he was in high school when he received a notification from a buyer. In less than a minute he closed the deal. The excitement of that young man was immense, sadly he could not celebrate because the next day he had to prepare for a high school exam.

Time has passed and now more than 1000 properties have been sold by Ruparelia. He currently has an average of 30 properties sold per day. This guy is not only good at his business, but he also gets good grades in high school and for that reason, he has a place secured at Oxford University to study economics, however, he has decided not to study at Oxford University until he gets his business stabilized. Akshay also mentions that he has always had the support of his deaf-mute parents and his friends, who see him as the superstar of the moment, a student, and a real estate agent at the same time.

Source: BBC.

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