The Professor who CHARGES RENT in class

The Professor who CHARGES RENT in class to teach economics to his students. This teacher teaches economic responsibility by charging rent for his students' desks. In addition to rewarding them with "purchases" of toys and other useful tools for them.

The Professor who CHARGES RENT in class

Throughout the student phase, children learn all kinds of knowledge of general culture and other environments that will serve them in their day-to-day lives throughout the rest of their lives. However, they will also learn knowledge that they will eventually forget and possibly some of it they will never need again.

For that reason, already years ago a debate has been opened forteaching in schools. In addition to the subjects of constantly, tools that serve them to face their adult history. Such as: How to costear invoices or how to make the testimony of the rent. A sequence of tasks that they are going to find once they get older but that schools don't teach them how to do.

Aware of the shortcomings of children, young people or teenagers to cope with this kind of work of adult life. An economics instructor at a Washington college has decided to integrate into his classes lessons so that students will know how to perform these tasks in the future. sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6953653110020900357&is_from_webapp=v1&is_copy_url=0

The Story about The Professor who CHARGES RENT in class

Mr.Vuong, as he calls himself on social networks, has designed a "symbolic economy system" procedure. Which relies on offering kids fake money every time they attend a school or perform relevant chores; succeeding in winning extra dollars for things like being responsible or participating in class. On the last Friday of the month, the kids are going to have to pay their table rent, which costs $15. They get to spend the leftover money (if they have any leftover) on a classroom 'treasure chest' filled with toys and other knick-knacks. In addition, the kids also have the alternative of trading in their desks for $75 to avoid having to pay rent again.

Initially, as the instructor tells it, all the students lost money. Now, the teacher insists that the experience was quite educational for them, giving them a chance to experience how real society works.

How It Works

The Professor who CHARGES RENT in Class has shared his procedure in a TikTok video, which immediately went viral reaching well over 4.3 million views. However, users have opened a debate in the comments on the video because as some believe it is a brilliant way to teach kids responsibility and budget management. Others see it as a way to produce anxiety for kids with responsibilities that by age are not yet theirs to handle.

The video has received an enormous amount of criticism because several users believe that this procedure does not take into account religious minorities or students with chronic pathologies. Who must be absent in class whether it is for celebration days or a doctor's procedure? Because if they do not attend school in this way, they will not receive the dollar they are entitled to per day and will be out of balance with their classmates. In addition, some believe that this is a way to incentivize them towards exacerbated capitalism. And to create them the restlessness starting from small to have to pay the rent.


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