Teacher GRADES her students' exams WITH MEMES

Teacher GRADES her students' exams WITH MEMES. This teacher provides a bit of humor when correcting her students.

Teacher GRADES her students' exams WITH MEMES

Argentina. In the face of recent teenage trends, innovation to get students' attention has proven to be a challenge. Now a teacher has become a trend for the way she classifies her students. Through social networks, the instructor made known her special way of highlighting her students' homework and it quickly became a sensation

Who does not remember that in the 90's students of primary school teachers used to give us a bumblebee stamp, a parrot for the chatterboxes, a devil for misbehavior, etcetera, to mark the effort in the tasks or work in the classroom. However, now with the new generations, it has become more difficult to draw attention to their activities, or so we thought.

Daiana Amores, an Argentine instructor, took the decision to grade her bilogy students' studies with "memes" and the results she shared on TikTok. Her video clip went viral Teacher GRADES her students' exams WITH MEMES.

As you can see, in addition to grading them with a score, she attaches memes of any kind reacting to the exam. Which has provoked laughter among the students.

Students congratulated her on her work and expressed their admiration. Others asked to know the attitude of her students, however, she replied that she has not been able to film them, also that her students were minors.


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