Woman PRETENDS to be his DAUGHTER at SCHOOL for YouTube 😝

Now anything can happen, a Woman PRETENDS to be his DAUGHTER at SCHOOL to record it and upload it to her YouTube channel. The woman says it was just a test to school security.

This woman doesn't know the limits!

It is increasingly demonstrated that mothers are capable of anything for their children. But of course like everything, there are limits, which Casey Garcia did not know, as she pretended to be her daughter to go to school as if it were her, in order to prove the security of the institution.

The situation became known through YouTube where Casey herself recorded and shared the whole situation on her channel. Although the result was not the most propitious for her during this incursion since she ended up being discovered. In addition to being charged with criminal trespassing and document tampering.

The video is titled "Going to school as my 13yr old daughter". Casey showed everything about the situation; such as the clothing worn. Very ordinary clothes of her daughter's, a yellow sweatshirt with superhero prints, blue jeans, black mouth covers, fashionable sneakers, and the backpack.

After that, the mother headed to her daughter's high school, the San Elizario Independent School District. Where she was able to fool everyone throughout the day: from security, teachers to the principal of the place. Casey even went to the school lunchroom, where she took off her mouthpiece to eat and no one caught her.

The YouTuber says that at no time did she feel fear about it. Only the moment where she felt closest to being caught was when she was reprimanded for using the phone during a class.

The experiment made sense, at least in Casey's head, though it didn't end well at the end of the school day. She was caught and sent to local authorities to gauge the severity of the facts, which had harsh repercussions for her as she was indicted and charged with trespassing and tampering with legal documents.

Everyone in shock to learn that a Woman PRETENDS to be his DAUGHTER at SCHOOL just to record a video for his channel. Everything is possible now and American schools must improve their security, that's for sure.

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