Jack Black APPEARS in GRADUATION photos. The legendary actor gave recent school graduates a dream moment.

Jack Black APPEARS in GRADUATION photos
A dream come true to The School of Rock fans!

Jack Black, yes, the mythical movie star made a surprise appearance at a graduation photoshoot at a high school in Los Angeles, California. Obviously, the situation quickly went viral on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram. The situation beyond interesting is funny since many students have "dreamed" of having a teacher as in his famous performance in "School of Rock", especially for those who love the genre.

The situation became popular thanks to the boys' photographer, who goes by the internet name Visionary Daniel. He was the one who posted a video of the actor on social media, in addition to telling how Jack ended up posing with students at a school ceremony at the famous Griffith Observatory in California.

We met Jack Black during the graduation photoshoot. Everyone was motivated to ask him to take pictures with them and he agreed. Not only did he take the picture with them, but he told us how to take the pictures and how the sun would highlight his face.


In another post, Daniel commented on how amazing he still finds the situation they went through, "We graduated from the school of rock. It's crazy how small the world can be, so much so that Jack Black showed up at one of my photoshoots."

Jack Black APPEARS in GRADUATION photos. It's great to see an actor like Jack do people Happy. For those things and more is one of the people's favorite!

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