CHEAT SHEET IN MASK 😷: Social Networks created a new way of copy on exam

Cheat Sheet in Mask
A new way of cheating on exam

Cheat Sheet in Mask. As we all know, social networks bring very good things, but they also promote not so good things. This time they have promoted a new way of cheating on exams, you will not believe how they do now.

The pandemic has brought with it new ways of living, but in these times new methods are also beginning to be adapted. Now making 'cheat sheets' requires a few different skills. We refer to the third meaning of the famous "trick" students use to pass an exam without studying.

According to the students a cheat sheet is a written document that contains some type of notes, mathematical formulas or other information that a student uses and hides to consult it at appropriate times and thus be able to copy its content in an exam.

Some students, those who tend to use more shortcuts to pass without studying. They have discovered a unique opportunity in this very unkind situation academically. You know: virtual classes behind a screen, few relationships with the outside world, impossible schedules … and above all with a mask wherever you go, we never think of seeing Cheat Sheet in Masks.

However, with the latter, some questions began to arise that ended up being of great help. Questions like the following: How can we use the mask to - in addition to protecting ourselves from the virus - take advantage of the exams?

That's when they said BINGO! S2 has made viral on the networks a new way of copying that is being common (or, what is the same, of making cheat sheet) through social networks in Iraq, creative students use the surgical mask as a support or "hiding place "for the notes or content that can help during the exams … unusual!

Gone are some systems as sophisticated as hearing aids, through which answers to exams were received from outside the classroom, now they are cheat sheet in mask…

So, it can be said that masks are now one more tool for exams, the trend is to transform the inner part of the mask into an authentic parchment full of notes, tips, summaries, formulas and keys to consult in case of emergency during a exam, is it incredible?

Now, to be able to see inside the mask requires talent, in addition to a subtle gesture, VERY concealed … one of the advantages is that it is something so common at the moment and MANDATORY that they do not raise suspicions among ANYONE during the exams.

Some of the ways that have been seen to do it is "Ugh, how suffocated I am; how hot the mask is, I'm going to remove it for just a moment from my mouth to get fresh air." In that intrepid movement, and with a downcast gaze attentive to any situation, they manage to read the chop in the blink of an eye.

Everything is divided methodically as we teach on our website: by sections and very well organized. A true high-caliber management. Pure wit. Come on, what have always been the cheat sheets.

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Source: NIUS

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