Cheating on driving test →【Two people got arrested】

Cheating on driving test
Cheating on driving test with an earpiece

Two people have been arrested for cheating on a driving test. They had used a mobile phone and an earpiece. The two characters are 42 and 56 years old, and they're residents of El Saler (Valencia) and Requena (Valencia). According to sources from the National Police.

It's not the first time that an event like this occurred. On previous occasions, they have tried to cheat on the driving test. The officials' Provincial Headquarters were aware of what happened and issued an alarm to the National Police. These police officers discovered that the men didn't know how to communicate in Spanish. It's important to say that one of the characters carried a mobile stuck inside his flannel.

Furthermore, National Police discovered that one man had a tiny hole on his shirt, employed to hide the mobile camera. This electronic device was responsible for taking the images and sent them to a person who wasn't taking the test. The accused gave the questions to another through the earpiece. Later he had to go to a medical center since he ingested the earpiece.

According to research, some people are in charge of taking other's tests to help them pass the driving test. These people can charge up to 2000 euros to help cheating on driving test. The defendants are in custody for a crime. One of them has a record of driving without a license.


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