Creative child's response in music class WENT VIRAL 😝🎵

A music teacher share a Creative child's response in music class on Twitter and went viral immediately.

Creative child's response in music class
Children always with their sincerity and innocence

The viral news of students and teachers are still booming, it happens every time that is recorded and shared on social networks some event occurred in a classroom or in a virtual class. The comments and reactions drive the virality of the situation.

For generating comments, Twitteris the best social network for interacting among many users, who are often in the same situation as what they share, which opens up a fun debate or simply provoke laughter for those who read it.

Such is the case mentioned here of a music teacher. The teacher, in some exercises with staves and musical notes, asked her students to put the name under each note (C, D, E, F, F, G, A, B). But to her surprise, one of the students answered in a very particular way... by putting his name under each note!!!

In the face of such a unique and comical situation, the teacher did not hesitate to post her student's response on the social network Twitter: "They made me laugh in an incredible way, the things kids have!". The tweet quickly filled with reactions and comments to it.

The Tweet has generated many responses

The most repeated response in the comments was "The answer is impeccable" or "The child is right", "I think he deserves an excellent". Some users have seconded the creative response of the little boy.

But also many comments have been negative, as is normal by now on social media... People claim that the teacher should not have shared the child's answers as they could cause embarrassment to the child.

Having barely been published, the Tweet has gotten +10,0000 interactions. 9,000 "likes" and has had just over 1,0000 Re tweets. Opening a debate whether or not I should have shared those responses. You can find it online by searching for "Teacher is surprise by creative child's response in music class."

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