Students KISS in a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM and they don't realize it 🤭(VIDEO)

An embarrassing situation occurred when two students kiss in a virtual classroom. The two involved do not realize it until they are called to attention.

embarrassing situation for this two studetns

No one is safe from the virtual classroom and the home office. These couple of years of pandemics have made everyone fall into this new reality. Video calls trap anyone who is not attentive to what is going on around them. Many times people don't even realize what they're doing while they have the camera on.

Such is the case with this couple... The girl was in a class and as the class was going on she began to show too much affection towards her partner. Everyone present in the class noticed the fact. Apparently, the boys thought all along that they had the cameras off, however, this was not the case and they went a bit out of context in the middle of class.

The video went viral on the social network TikTok, where you can see how a boy and a girl kiss each other while they are in a virtual class. The two take a while to realize the situation, it wasn't until the teacher noticed what was happening and called their attention a couple of times for the two to realize they had the camera on.


When you forget to turn off the cam 😅😂 #humor

♬ sonido original - anonymous

Despite having noticed, all the classmates realized what was happening and the embarrassing situation will remain in the retina of those present as well as in the memory of the boys who will be living a great sorrow with their teacher.

The situation will forever remain on social media as Students KISS in a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM. Much to the chagrin of the two involved...

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