Students SURPRISE their TEACHER with shoes 🥺 (VIDEO)

Students SURPRISE their TEACHER with shoes. They give him Air Jordan, the shoes of his dreams and this was his reaction

Students SURPRISE their TEACHER with shoes
Amazing gesture by students to their professor

One of the professions where more affection is received is in education, of course, always when the teacher exercises with passion and appreciation for their students, in that case, you can receive incredible rewards. Such was once the case of a teacher that his students gathered enough to return his car in the midst of an economic crisis.

Now it was the turn of Kyle Holbrook, a history teacher in the U.S. state of Kentucky, his students cooperated with each other to collect and buy him the shoes of his dreams, a Nike Air Jordan Space Jam model.

"By far, the best teacher I've ever had. Anyone who has seen classes with him would say the same thing."

Jadyn Sandeen, one of his students.

Viral Video on Instagram and TikTok

Thanks to this show of effect from his students, the teacher has gone viral as they recorded the moment in which the gift was handed to him and provoked a highly emotional reaction from Kyle, which was shared across many social networks such as TikTok and Instagram.

On the other hand, Griffin Morris told how such action was hatched by the students. "One day we were talking about shoes and Mr. Holbrook said he had never owned a pair of Jordans, but he always wanted some." At that point, the students upon hearing about it, took up a collection to buy him said shoes; in less than two weeks they collected $400, just enough.

"For me it was a very pleasant surprise, it gives an idea of how caring my students can be, as well as demonstrating that they can think about much more than themselves."

Kyle Holbrook

Now the video title "Students SURPRISE their TEACHER with shoes" is viral on the internet.

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