Exams, The best way to evaluate knowledge? 🤔(+VIDEO)

Exam season has begun and with it, a lot of questions to answer

Exams really are the best for Assessing Knowledge
Many believe that this system is "obsolete"

All over the world begin the most important exams for young people, the final exams and the admission or selectivity exams. In each of these cases, students expect to get the best grades, which means knowing how to capture all the answers memorized in advance. However, many wonder How can one survive the exam season? What are the recommended methods for studying? Has the pandemic affected our performance?

¿Son los exámenes la mejor forma de evaluar el conocimiento?

The folks at Gen PLAYZ got to talk to Chema Lázaro, CEO of NIUCCO and professor at UNIR; a communications student named Alba Sánchez or also known as "StudyingwhitAlba", along with Teresa García "Titi Clb" content creator, Mikel Herrán "Puto Mikel" doctor in Archaeology and Popularizer, and María Lucía Cortés known as "Corluma" medical student.

Is testing really the way to evaluate knowledge?

Like it or not, taking an exam in every subject is something we must do if we want to pass. But, for a couple of years, there has been a discussion about another system, which seems not very feasible. Teresa, one of the guests said: "This educational system, does not make us have critical thinking because of the exams."

For Teresa, the examsforce a lack of judgment and that "you stop expressing yourself, to express what a book or the teachers say" She also comments that the system in her country has not made any effort to improve students' abilities.

Cheat Sheet and Other Tricks for Exams

In the face of an educational system that changes little and constantly tries to memorize, it is very tempting for some students to cheat in order not to spend too much time studying. Although, it is something that should not be done, many resorts to this type of practice.

According to the guests, Chema was among them. The professor recounted that most see it as a "methods of study". On another note, he also recognizes that this role "is still a way of synthesizing information and organizing yourself to learn certain subjects". He acknowledges as a teacher that "if the exam was well developed, a cheat sheet or accordion will only serve to guide students."

Finally, a couple of content creators who are also students, such as Anxo Ma. He also gave his opinion on how he handles exam life, and his answer was "calmly, although sometimes it can be fatal and accumulate a lot of sadness and nerves.


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