Student creates GUN that Works with TEARS 😁

Student creates GUN that works with TEARS. Yes just as you read it, a student made the best of herself in a situation that was not the best for her. Meet her story.

Student creates GUN that Works with TEARS
Crying was been never so worth it

It's amazing what a student can do when reaching the limits of despair. Getting frustrated, being worried is normal in the student stage, higher or otherwise. However, in the face of all that these bad feelings can bring, there are also unparalleled opportunities to bring out the best in ourselves.

Just so it happened with Yi-Fei Chen, a girl originally from Taiwan, who did her higher education at the Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Well, you might say; it's a long way from home, and so it is. The cultural shock of living in a society totally different from your own is never quite ideal for a quick adaptation. As he tells it, he lived in constant discomfort, especially in interacting with the people around him.

Chen, comments on how she was used to a different type of behavior from teachers, with very authoritarian actions, which encouraged them to be seen as a revered and respected image. Something that in Europe does not really happen like that, the student-professor relationship is much more interactive and constant, especially debating. Such a situation caused Yi-Fei to go into a kind of crisis as she did not know how to react to what was presented to her.

After getting in trouble for her lack of interaction, Chen didn't sink into a depression, no, she was inspired by her situation to develop an incredible graduation project. The project was nothing more and nothing less than agun that works with tears and shoots pellets. Yes, just as you read it.

A true conceptual work from start to finish, its function is simple, it freezes tears and ejects them in the form of small pellets, with this, Yi wanted to show her frustration at feeling misunderstood in her new habitat.

Despite being a 2016 work, this year the news has caught quite a buzz and has caused more than 10,000 interactions on Twitter

The Tweet has caused a furor and many students have shared very witty responses to making "balls with tears". You can browse the entire website and see all you get with the Student creates GUN that Works with TEARS

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