Ingenious invention by a PROFESSOR at ONLINE CLASSES 💻

Ingenious invention by Professor at CLASES ONLINE
Admirable labor by a professor

The Ingenious invention by a PROFESSOR at ONLINE CLASSES has revolutionized the networks. In many parts of the world, students are slowly getting back to normal by returning to the classroom. However, although for the moment classes are being held in person, there is uncertainty about how the courses will develop. This scenario, although it was very common and is "the new way to educate", many prefer not to get to it. Or at least, not in its entirety, because of what was previously experienced due to the pandemic and confinement.

The problems were not just for students.... Many teachers who were not at all accustomed to the technology were forced to learn in a precocious way. This caused them headaches when it came to getting their explanations across clearly.

Just because of the aforementioned situation, professors from various parts of the world have gone viral with ideas that have caused sensation on social networks. For their originality and ingenuity, also for the reason that they want to share it with professional colleagues so that they do not go through so many difficulties. One of them is professor Carmen Castrejón, from California.

Carmen has provided aquite practical and simple solutionfor those teachers who have trouble showing their notes in front of the camera. Because as it is known, when doing so the camera has a "mirror" effect that makes the image is changed direction. Professor Castrejón with simple tools at hand came up with a very useful solution to this problem, which may be useful for other teachers.

On her Facebook pageshe made a post that quickly went viral, where she posted a photo of her "creation". Carmen, with tools that anyone could have at home, thought of a quick fix and glued a pencil to the back of her computer screen. With the help of a lot of tape, she "invented" a holder for a CD that she would later glue to it as well. In this way, and in conjunction with the help of a small weight to balance the tools. With this ingenuity he could show his students what he wrote in his notebook. The CD acted as a mirror in front of the camera that he had to transmit his class. Of course, without the problem of his students not being able to read in the indicated direction his notes.

It should be noted that this solution could be done with presentations or virtualizing the notes, but initially given the lack of technological knowledge of many teachers it is an easy way to try to continue their teaching.

"We know that the department is the main one in charge of giving students tools to carry out solutions to problems that may arise. Of course, without spending a lot of money, of course, with tools that are available to anyone. We are in a school where the income is not good, so we can not provide all the resources that may be needed during the teaching. The idea came after having worked a lot of hours with my students. I wanted to find a way to teach them how to solve problems, even if they were those typical of the camera. Without them having to spend money or a lot of time," the teacher explained.

"With an idea in the back of my mind, wanting to help my students and teachers in the same situation, I started thinking of ways to do it that anyone could replicate. I started looking for objects that could be useful, things that were around the house. That anyone could have at hand and some that were reflective to solve the problem of the camera, first I thought of a small mirror, however I did not have any. That's when the light bulb came on and I came up with the idea of the pencil and the CD as a set," Carmen continued. Her ingenuity and creativity have been applauded around the world. After sharing her "invention" on social networks, teachers and students have applauded the Ingenious invention by a PROFESSOR at ONLINE CLASSES. Some have even replicated it during their online classes.

SOURCE: La Vanguardia

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