Professor and Student BET on CoD (Call Of Duty)🔝 KNOW IT HERE

Professor and Student BET on CoD (Call Of Duty)
A student "could have earned" a 10

Professor and Student BET on CoD (Call of Duty). It happened in Mexico, "the gamer professor" Juan Jo Holguin, accepted the challenge of one of his students. You won't believe what happened in the end. The challenge was simple, his student spoke to him via Whatsapp after a few questions about his grades, and the intrepid kid threw him the proposal... "Profe, let's do something... Let's play CoD (Acronym for Call of Duty), if I beat you, you give me 10 and if I lose, you fail me," he wrote. What neither of them knew was that the situation would go so viral. Thanks to TikTok, the game was seen by many and was a huge success.

2021 and you may think you've seen it all, but no, you'll know after watching the viral "TikTok" for which this article is made. And is that a very up-to-date teacher, a regular on the platform of short videos, shows how he competes against one of his students in 'Call of Duty' . All to choose a grade. The final result of the mythical game between these two is being highly commented on all social networks, especially on TikTok.

The person we are talking about is called Juan Jo Holguín, as we had mentioned in the beginning. He, the professor, put together a good video and shared the clip on his TikTok account (@profejuanji). An extremely up-to-date teacher who does not take off from the networks. It happened exactly on March 24 of this year, where he showed the conversation he had with his student and also a bit of what he could do in the game of which the student boasted of being an "expert."

Juan Jo, the teacher, read the message and was quick to accept the challenge. So the game between them did not take long to take effect, the game chosen specifically was 'Call Of Duty: Warzone'. To the surprise of friends and strangers, in the video you could see how the professor knew how to play, in fact, even noticed how he won several rounds getting good streaks

"Le's go to it...", "The streak is coming, the streak is coming... TAKE IT! Did you see that?", "Look, I have problems with your head, I don't like your skull, let me take it off!" These were some of the professor's most iconic phrases during the game.

After showing the results after several rounds, the teacher said, "Well, guess who's going to fail?" The clip wasn't long in going viral in Mexico, which made it quickly reach thousands of users in the United States, Spain, and the rest of Latin America. They do not stop talking about this TikTok of "Professor and Student BET on CoD" due to the success and particularity of the situation.


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