Man with no arms PASSED EXAM 😲. How did he do it?

Man with no arms passed exam
The obstacules don't exist for him.

Peng Chao is a man with no arms who passed an exam and was awarded by several institutions. At the age of six, he lost his arms. The loss was due to an accident caused by an electric shock. Although Peng Chao doesn't have his arms, he didn't give up. After overcoming several obstacles, he passed the national graduate entrance examination of Tongji University in Shanghai, passed the re-examination, and passed an interview.

Peng Chao's life after the loss was quite hard. From a young age, he started using his feet as a substitute for his hands. He performs tasks such as washing clothes and brushing his teeth.

For his discipline and commitment, entities such as the National University Student Model for Self-improvement and also the National Model for Self-improvement awarded Peng Chao, a man with no arms who passed an exam

Peng doesn't just have the ability to perform daily tasks. One of his favorite hobbies is physical education. "I like soccer. The interesting thing about that sport is that I don't need my arms". Chao states. It's a joke, he said.

Source: Spanish People.

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