Mother goes viral disguised as an umbrella

Mother goes viral disguised as an umbrella. A TikTok video of a mother putting on an umbrella to go unnoticed on her daughter's camera while she is in class.

Mother goes viral disguised as an umbrella

On TikTok, a dentistry student named Joyce released a video clip showing her mother's ability to disguise herself. Debuting with her firstvideo clip on TikTok, which has gone viral, she shows how her mother uses an umbrella 'disguise' so as not to interrupt her in her virtual classroom.

Mom goes viral 'disguised' as umbrella to avoid showing up in virtual class. Joyce debuted her first video clip on TikTok by going viral with her mother, as she shows how she is "the master of disguise."

In the video clip, the dental student can be seen in her online class, once her face suddenly changes after seeing an umbrella standing behind her.

Then Joyce, turns to see who it is, and bears the laughter when she observes that it is her mother, who used an umbrella so as not to interrupt her virtual class.


Mí cara, procesando lo ocurrido JAJAJA#f #parati #fypシ

♬ My Mom - Eminem

The student posted "My mom, the master of HAHAHAHAHA costume". Along with the tune 'My Mom' by Eminem, which is used for various trends on the social network. As of then, the viral video clip has well over 991 thousand views and 128 thousand "likes."

Users applaud the mother's disguise for not disrupting the online class. In the comments of the video clip. They only get a chance to see guffaws and approvals toward the mother who made the decision to use the umbrella to camouflage herself from the camera.


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