Student's speech against the abortion law in Texas (+VIDEO)

A student's speech against the abortion law in Texas caused a stir during graduation. The video quickly went viral on all social networks.

Student's speech against the abortion law in Texas
Paxton Smith did what she thought was the right to do

During the graduation speech of a high school in Texas, the student with the best academic record went off the rails. All to criticize the ban on abortion in the state where she resides, a speech that has gone viral very quickly on the social networks.

Before he made his presentation, the Lake Highlands High School administrators had reviewed the script that Paxton must follow. A good speech about how television and media have shaped his worldview. However, when the time came, the girl abruptly changed course.

"... It seems wrong for me to talk about another situation currently, as there is something that directly affects me and millions of women throughout the state of Texas," Paxton Smith remarked in a voice that showed nerves as he began. "As you all know, as of September, abortion will be banned after six weeks..."

Not long ago in May the governor of the state of Texas, Greg Abbot, signed a law called "the heartbeat law". Where the abortion procedure is prohibited almost in its entirety. The worst part of the case is that the law makes no exception in case of rape or incest, which will make abortion care in the state impossible, or nearly so.

The student is not the only one against abortion law

"All of us girls have dreams, hopes, and ambitions...We have spent our lives working to shape our future and without our consent or input we have had control of that future taken away from us." "It terrifies me to think what one day something will fail me and everything I dreamed for will no longer be relevant... I want you to be able to think how terrifying it is to have your autonomy over your own body taken away."

Quickly, the speech went viralon TikTok, YouTube and Twitter. So much so, that on the latter, Hillary Clinton former presidential candidate posted a tweet in his favor saying, "Thanks for not being quiet, Paxton. This took a lot of courage."

The student's speech against the abortion law in Texas, Smith, testified in a relevant U.S. magazine. Where she said the fame she has been showered with has made her feel "strange". However, she was glad that her speech could reach the right places so that the decision could be considered as a whole. She also emphasized the importance of the votes.

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