They denied him the diploma for wearing a Mexican flag (VIDEO)

They denied him the diploma for wearing a Mexican flag. The act happened in the United States after a student disrespected the institution's dress codes.

They denied him the diploma for wearing a Mexican flag
Controversy for breach of dress standards

The fact became known by viral videos on social networks. Where it has begun to denounce an alleged act of xenophobia against a student of Mexican descent in the United States. Who was denied a high school graduation diploma for wearing a Mexican flag on his back.

What happened was described as racist and discriminatory, the complaint was made by relatives of the young man. The fact, although it has generated controversy because of the school's denial. Has also generated a debate about who was right about the fact that it happened.

Also, in the recording uploaded to social networks where you see the auditorium of the Asheboro High School, located in North Carolina, you can see how a young man dressed in a blue robe has a Mexican flag over it. Which according to his words: "he did it for his parents of that origin", in a way of thanking them for their efforts to offer him a good education.

Student denied a diploma for non-compliance

The action taken by the young man was not to the liking of the authorities of the educational institution, because when it was his turn to receive his diploma. The teachers in charge of delivering the documents denied him his diploma.

Asheboro High School reaffirms non-compliance with dress code

Amid much controversy generated by such an action, what produced a division of opinion. The Asheboro High School issued a statement, claiming that this is not a case of xenophobia or racial discrimination of any kind.

Thus, the high school reaffirms, that the refusal of teachers to deliver the diploma responds to an alleged failure by the student to the dress code of the educational institution, which stipulates a number of points to be met in the acts of graduation.

Similarly, the statements made by the institution were not taken into account and all over social networks are circulating videos where they claim the bad treatment given in the video of They denied him the diploma for wearing a Mexican flag at the time of receiving her high school diploma.

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